5 Cult-Favorite Botanical Wallpapers

    From hand-painted chinoiseries to swaying Mid-Century palms, here are five iconic looks whose charms have stood the test of time, and are still going strong.

    A Japanese Garden Master Goes to Prison—and Everyone Feels Better

    “They have plenty of boulders,” Hoichi Kurisu says with a laugh. The award-winning garden master is talking about a project he’s designing on a dry part of Moloka’i, Hawaii, that’s surrounded by big rocks and aggressive plants.

    Sustainable Cities: Which Metropoli are Making a Difference?

    A guide to seven cities that are trying to lead the way, even if they still have a long way to go

    The Ultimate Backyard: 10 Things to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    Spending time outside doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Improvements, additions and rethought designs have helped close the inside-outside gap. Adding any of the items below will set any patch of property on the path toward becoming an elaborate, intimate, ultimate backyard. 1. Samsung 75” Outdoor Smart TV Stop trying to watch the big game on a small phone. There’s a 75-inch television with a...

    DIY Paper Flowers: The Surprisingly Easy Way to Enjoy the Blooms of Spring All Year Long

    You love your mom...but, sadly, you didn’t inherit her time management skills. And now, with Mothers Day just a few days away, you’ve missed the shipping window to fete her with a set of fancy floral candles or a pretty pair of earrings. We get it. But, relax: with just a few basic supplies (and minimal crafting skills) you can still shower her with...

    Plant Your Feet: 6 Sustainably-Sourced Sneakers (That Happen To Look Pretty Snazzy)

    Our oceans are beginning to resemble plastic-ball pits, glaciers are melting quicker than frat house ice luges, rainforests are receding into nonexistence like follicles in a top fade. Not to make humdrum humor out of the planet’s peril, but maybe through everyday things, we can begin to comprehend the loss of our natural world—and save it. Enter eco-shoes.  Some argue that these trainers are just...

    TikTok + Brick Swap = #BrikTok, Where Trading Bricks Gets Viral

    The undisputed heavyweight champ of #Brickswap TikTok (four and a half pounds at a time) is TapeDeckVintage.  That’s a lot to unpack, but let’s try. Yes, there are indeed people who collect bricks as a hobby, and a brick swap is exactly what it sounds like: a meet-up where they can trade and chat. Videos of brick swaps have found a cultish audience on video-sharing...

    TikTok Garden Tips: Yellow Leaves, Snow Damage and Terrariums, Oh My

    Just because you’ve heard of TikTok, or perhaps even downloaded the app, it doesn’t mean you want to spend a lot of time tracking the latest dance craze or self-abuse meme trending among users. Understood. However, the video-sharing platform also has a fair share of solid garden advice being shared in short, catchy snippets. We’ve been taking the opportunity to watch and learn, so...

    Potted Gems: 5 Tiny Gardens That Deliver Big Joy

    Short on room? These creative, clever and occasionally quirky space-saving gardens can make your life greener

    Unique Chic: 10 Killer Items From the № 1 Place To Find Rare Yard and Garden Decor

    Search garden on 1st Dibs and the site displays 35,333 results, ranging from a $2 brick (coal-fired, from Belgium) to a $2 million sculpture (in the shape of a giant heart). In between you’ll find everything from planters to paintings to fire pits, most of which can’t be found anywhere else. And don’t be fooled by the brick, many of the items of interest can be separated into...

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