Buggin’ Out, Sleepin’ In: What Happens When a Brood X Cicada Misses His Wake-up Call

    “Billions of cicadas that have spent 17 years underground are set to emerge across large areas of the eastern US,…bursting into the open as adults in mass synchronized events.” — The Guardian Ahhh good morning! I can’t believe it’s here! After 17 years underground, it’s finally time for all of us to emerge. Together. Like a family. Or better yet, like a fraternity of my...

    When the Squirrels Get Tough, the Tough Get a Water Wiggle

    Fie upon you, day-rats. You don’t fool me with your bushy tails and twitchy noses: I have seen what treachery you have wrought with your tiny hands and I aim to put a stop to it. Your reign of terror ends here. A pox upon your burrows. Or nests. Or whatever your houses are called!  Squirrels are destroying my garden and I have had enough....

    “Look happy! Pass it on.”

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    Once I get the vaccine, I am going to really hit the gym again.


    “It’s impossible to kill,” my friend said cheerfully, handing me a tiny succulent. “Sounds like a dare,” I muttered, accepting the plant, and my fate. My track record with plants of any kind has been what we could call spotty, or, less delicately, horticultural manslaughter. I grew up in a family of plant-murderers. My mother’s one attempt at a garden — six sad marigolds planted...

    Mismatched Pear

    Noreen, I’m an eggplant, you’re a pear.

    How To Get The Most Out of Your Houseplants

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    Personal Growth

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