The Ultimate Backyard: 10 Things to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

    With the proper enhancements in place, stepping out no longer means leaving your property

    Spending time outside doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Improvements, additions and rethought designs have helped close the inside-outside gap. Adding any of the items below will set any patch of property on the path toward becoming an elaborate, intimate, ultimate backyard.

    1. Samsung 75” Outdoor Smart TV

    Samsung Outdoor TV  © Samsung

    Stop trying to watch the big game on a small phone. There’s a 75-inch television with a glare-blocking screen and a water- and dust-resistant body. Get that. Watch whatever you want. 

    Buy: Samsung Terrace Outdoor Smart TV, starting at $5,999.99.

    2. Hibachi Grill 

    Photo: Courtesy My Hibachi BBQ

    Onion volcanoes are about to erupt in your backyard. This table has a built-in grill that can convert to a BBQ rack or a Teppanyaki griddle, allowing the chef to be part of the party. When the weather cools down, it can function as a heater. 

    Buy: My Hibachi BBQ, $1,499

    3. Your Very Own Yurt

    Photo: Courtesy Ranier Outdoor

    Make no attempt to avert the yurt. This circular tent with a domed ceiling has traveled from the Central Asian steppes in 5,000 B.C. to the sidewalks of New York. It can be a ground-level tree fort, a workout room, a man cave or a meditation space? Don’t be surprised if you end up dancing the Khara-Zhorga. 

    Buy: The Eagle Yurt, starting at $23,225,000

    4. Feel-Good Hammock

    Photo: Courtesy of Novica

    The Las Trampas Hammock Artisans of Guatemala hand make their nets, carefully weaving three fabric panels and sewing them to hooks. Proceeds from the sales go toward educating their children. Sleep on that. 

    Buy: Las Trampas Hammock, $119.99

    5. Fume-Free Fire Pit

    A smokeless firepit captures the wispy emissions and channels them back into the fire, where they burn off. It’s not smoke-free, but close enough that you won’t have to change your seat every time the wind blows. 

    Buy: Luxeve Fire Pit, $1,425. 

    6. Rocky Birder Picture Show

    This river rock, hollowed to hold a refreshing respite will be a watering hole for the next flappy hour. It blends with whatever stones already stand on your land, and could also be a permanent drinking pool for dogo, and probably will be if he enjoys a bird chase.

    Buy: River Stone Bird Bath, starting at $80 on Etsy. 

    7. Amish Croquet Set

    Photo: Courtesy Amish Toy Box

    Amish artisans lathe-turn these mallets from hardened maple before delicately painting them in bright colors, meaning that playing striker will always look striking.

    Buy: Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden 8 Player Croquet Game Set, $369.50.

    8. Smartphone-Linked Telescope 

    Gracie arbor
    Celestron Inspire Telescope  © Celestron

    The view from this  telescope connects you to galaxies near and far—and your phone, making tweeting while Taurus is twinkling a breeze.

    Buy: Celestron Inspire 100AZ Refractor Telescope, $289.95.

    9. Trail of Trellises 

    Photo: Courtesy of Gracie

    Well-placed trellises can swivel your gaze, framing scenes, compose vistas—and even detracting attention from the compost heap.  Line a few up in sequence and create a walkway to your secluded wonderland, or a promenade to your next party.

    Buy:  Gracie Modern Steel Arbor, $1,019.99. 

    10. Personalized Putting 

    Photo: Southwest Greens

    With a little practice you can take 50 bucks off those loudmouths in sales at next year’s company outing. Southwest greens has installed its synthetic putting surfaces in the yards of more than 50 touring pros. Go get ‘em Tiger. 

    Buy: Southwest Greens Custom Synthetic, $20 to $25/sq. ft.

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