Help! I’m a Vermiculuturist: Confessions of a Worm Mom

    They'll turn your food to dirt, and melt your heart—at a pace only a mother could love.

    This Real-Life Botanist Is Living the Plant Dream (and Slaying the Invasives)

    Wait, she wants to undo gardens? Read’s not so much about horti-cancel culture.

    This Ain’t The Botanic Gardens: Confessions of a City Parks Volunteer

    On an Aerate assignment, cyberstalking some botanists, I stumbled upon a call for horticultural volunteers at Marine Park in Brooklyn. The rest of the story is pretty dirty.

    Mushrooms in Disguise

    Ask Eden

    Dear Eden, Are colorful wild mushrooms generally more dangerous to eat? A: In a perfect world we could read mushrooms like traffic signals. Green means go, yellow means caution, red the estate lawyer?! Alas, no such luck. Sure, there are some brightly-colored bad boys you should definitely avoid—like the pumpkin-orange Jack-o-lantern mushroom (Omphalotus olearius) and the scarlet red (and aptly named) Poison Fire Coral...

    Yard Notes: Off with Their Heads! Or Into the Thick of It.

    June blooms need decapitation while forests need conservation.

    Yard Notes: How to Soak Up The Sunniest Sun This Week

    ...Or dig deeper and find solace there.

    Yard Notes: It’s Getting Hot in Here, Untangle All Your Hose

    Weather’s warming, so invest in some cool(ing) stuff.

    Yard Notes: Sick of Cicada Fracas? There’s Plenty More to Bug Out On

    The news is aswarm with warm weather wackiness—like pollen blizzards!

    Yard Notes: First Impressions Can Stink Like Carrion Flowers

    Green thumbs think they have the key to life, but no shame in dirt: we’ll be rotting in it someday.

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