Of Cats, Dogs, and Houseplants

    Siren Call: Cicadas Are Loud and Ugly but Somehow Still Alluring

    I’ve always found insects fascinating, like science fiction at your fingertips, only not fiction. Every one of them is a marvel of biological engineering, evolved to master a very specific set of needs in their environmental niche, and able to reproduce in sufficient numbers to perpetuate the design. The diversity of species is staggering, and so are their numbers. It’s really their planet, they...

    Exclusive: Our Banned Critic Flies a Drone Over a $250 Million Island Sprouting on New York’s Hudson River

    On a bright November day I ventured down the Hudson River Park esplanade to gaze upon something that I can best describe as Disney meets psilocybin. Near West 13thStreet, a forest of mushroom-shaped white-concrete columns — 280 of them to be exact — rose from the river bottom to support 2.4 acres of gardens and performance venues. Come spring this long-delayed $250-million plus extravaganza called Little Island,...

    Potted Gems: 5 Tiny Gardens That Deliver Big Joy

    Short on room? These creative, clever and occasionally quirky space-saving gardens can make your life greener

    Fountains and Waterfalls: The 5 Types of Water Features

    On World Water Day, here are ways to add the soothing sounds of gurgling liquid to your life A 2020 study asked a few hundred Italian citizens stuck in lockdown to do a web-based intervention that involved listening to audio clips of the sound of water. The people who listened reported feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and less preoccupied with Covid-19. Whether the gentle lull of a rainstorm,...

    April Showers Bring May…hem: Why Spring Makes Us Whack (In A Good Way)

    Those of us who remember the loopy ’80s—here’s Buzzfeed’s 50 things only ’80s kids understand—recall the PSA in which a metaphorical egg sputtered in a pan as a voice intoned, “This is your brain on drugs.” The spot aimed to keep us from the drug pushers who hung out by the back door of the cafeteria, and who now mostly work in hedge funds. But as we shake off...

    Future Farm: An Animation Captures the Drama of Growing Food On Mars

    Some tech experts and futurists think we’ll one day plant crops in climate-controlled domes, where robot bees will pollinate — and swarm Related: A Tech Expert on the Future of Farming On Mars Get daily content from Aerate on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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