By Gwendal Le Bec

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    Yard Notes: Sick of Cicada Fracas? There’s Plenty More to Bug Out On

    The news is aswarm with warm weather wackiness—like pollen blizzards!

    Yard Notes: First Impressions Can Stink Like Carrion Flowers

    Green thumbs think they have the key to life, but no shame in dirt: we’ll be rotting in it someday.

    Backyard Adventures: Constructing a Greenhouse Is Building More Than a Place to Grow Flowers

    When we first came across the videos of Kyle Finn Dempsey their moody earnestness and striking images drew us in. Like Aerate, he was...

    Pruning Tips: If You Haven’t Gone Deep with a Lopper, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

    I’d never come across a scene like this before. Limbs everywhere. The main part of the body—what was left of it—was barely recognizable. I knew the...

    Ready, Set, Picnic: Everything You Need to “Alfresco” in Style

    Anyone who says life’s no picnic is clearly in need of one, stat. Spreading a blanket somewhere scenic and taking in the fresh air...