Yard Notes: It’s Getting Hot in Here, Untangle All Your Hose

    If gardening adds so much value to your life that you want to move somewhere with a bigger plot, we have good news. A new study revealed that having garden space on your property can lift its value by 5 percent. Add that to what you save on groceries by eating some of that garden (even more if you use your old jeans as planters as these fancy pants gardeners did), and you’ll be able to spend on more plants with better moves than some of the friends you left behind: 


    Oxalis triangularis (purple one) and Maranta leuconeura (green one); two plants that move a lot

    ♬ Won’t Be Late – Swae Lee

    We’re content with conceding our cool to plants, but are they fly enough to become more popular than nightclubs? Apparently so: Half of 18-to-35-year-olds would rather rake than go to a rave. 

    Going out with your squad can soon mean hitting the streets for this epic NYC flower festival, blooming with one million flowers. Or picking up some binoculars and gawking at the squawking things

    It feels good, just to be in the open air, even if a major heat wave is coming for us. Here’s how to soothe your wilting woes if plants get a little too crispy. (Ooh la la, Sphagnum moss bento box!). 

    How else to stay cool? Take a dip with a woodchuck, of course:

    If you don’t have furry animal charm, you might have wads of cash to lounge somewhere nice…like the yard. Get inspired by this extravagant alfresco living space with “a loaded, supersize, decked-out deck with an outdoor living room, dining area, 54-inch grill, full kitchen, bar, two-draft kegerator, oversize island, massive weatherproof television, elaborate sound system and semicircular fire lounge…”

    The more adventurous spirits might be planning on camping in the upcoming months. Enjoy the simpler life…while also packing enough stuff so the kids remain entertained and equipped. There’s an insulated thermos on that list, too, so parents can keep themselves…quenched.

    You know what’s also getting thirsty? Your lawn. Plants can’t lap up La Croix like pets…

    …so invest in the best hoses of 2021. We were surprised, too, by how much more involved tube-shopping could be. 

    Stay hydrated,


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